Our suppliers are focused on Country Home Decor

Our suppliers are focused on Country Home Decor

Started in 1967, Irvin’s Country Tinware originally had its beginnings with the production of specially crafted punched tinware lighting. Primci country decor expanded to other areas such as upholstered furniture and accent pieces. We proudly offer Irwin’s Country Tinware products to our customers with certainty that our customers will be impressed.  With its distinctively rustic appeal, we are happy to offer the products of this New England Company.

Colonial Tin Works prides itself on all of its products accomplishing their simply stated goal of “transforming your house into a home.”   From its elegantly simple iron mirrors to its beautifully simplistic handbags.  Primci offers a wide-variety of these exquisite primitive decor and accessories.  We are confident that our customers will be tickled to see one of this company’s products hanging in their home.

With its’ eclectic assortment of different products, Park Designs creates almost any household product imaginable including linens, lighting and tableware.  Due to the wide variety of merchandise produced by this company, there is something for everyone in their own unique style.  For these reasons and more, Park Designs’ products are a much welcomed addition to our Primci team!

Last but not least, Primci offers candles from the family owned business Crossroads Original Designs.  Whether you are shopping for a gift or just for yourself, the wide variety of types of candles as well as its many scent options will leave you more than pleased with your purchase.  With its clean burning and high quality candles, this Ohio based store goes above and beyond to produce superior products.

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