Decor you a Merry Christmas… Our Guide on Christmas Primitive Decor from Our Family to Yours

Decor you a Merry Christmas… Our Guide on Christmas Primitive Decor from Our Family to Yours

Primitive Salt Dough Ornaments

With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, many are already planning their Christmas decorations. During this time of year, I immediately start thinking of twinkling lights, angels, stars, and, of course, Christmas trees. This is a time to show gratitude for all of the wonderful gifts of the previous year and a time to spend with family. Why not show it with a little, or a lot, of Christmas decor?

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

Of course, as you may have guessed, my holiday style includes a lot of primitive decor. I love the beauty in these simply stated, elegant pieces. Use of such decorations quickly turns my home into a quaint little cottage brimming with joy and happiness for the holiday season and the upcoming New Year. It is truly a magical time of year. So, now you may be asking yourself “how does one achieve this look on their own?” Well, it is easier than you think! Below I offer some tips and advice as to how you too can easily achieve the winter wonderland that you are seeking to create. For those that need a little more direction, I have made some suggestions of products that we sell here at Primci that will enhance your holiday decor.

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree…

Of course the centerpiece of any holiday decor is the Christmas tree with its twinkling lights. To keep in the primitive decor style, I choose white lights and very simple, rustic ornaments such as twine wrapped balls or even ribbon wrapped candy canes. To spread the smell of pine around the house, get the clippings from your tree when it is trimmed and disperse it throughout. These clippings can be put in tall tin containers or even in your stockings. Wherever you choose to put these it is sure to add to the smell of Christmas and the primitive decor.

Jingle Bells…

Primitive Salt Dough Snowman Ornament

Now that you have the main attraction up and decorated, now is the time to accessorize. The use of snowmen, Santa’s and even antique bells can be enjoyed sporadically throughout your home. Be creative and accentuate your decor with items already in your home such as bowls, buckets and really any type of container. Add plaid ribbons as accents to your decor wherever you believe it is needed. Spread candles thru the home in Christmas colors with Christmas scents. Pops of Christmas colors such as red and green can also be added wherever you choose. Finally, add a simple yet festive wreath to your door to share your Christmas spirit with all. Have fun with it and remember that anything goes!

Deck the Halls….

Deck the Halls……

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

I know that the thought of starting the festivities off with a Christmas tree and lights is the best way to get me into the holiday spirit. By the time mid-November rolls around, I am usually itching to put up my holiday decorations. Even though I do generally show some restraint and wait till after Thanksgiving, after that Thursday anything goes as far as holiday decor. We are hoping that this piece inspires you and helps get your holiday decorating started off right! Also, remember that Santa Claus is coming to town so don’t forget to checkout our primitive decor and accessories as gifts for others!

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