Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Snow Days are Here Again

Now that the colder days are upon us with the arctic air making its way to even the most southern states, it is a great time to stay indoors and rest by a nice warm fire.  Part of what makes this most enjoyable is the cozy ambiance that you create in your home.  Imagine coming home after a long, cold day to a nice fire and a relaxing atmosphere.

Luckily, this can easily and cheaply be achieved with the use of lighting.  Below are some of the products that you can purchase from which will help you easily achieve that warm, cozy ambiance that you are seeking.  Specifically, I have highlighted some accent lighting and table lamp choices that may either be exactly what you are looking for or better give you an idea of some decor options.

Accent Lighting

The first product I chose to highlight is the Grandma’s Accent Light which for the price of $34.35 this selection gives your home a dim glow that creates a soothing light in contrast to the harsh lighting that we are constantly surrounded by on a daily basis.  This quaint accent light is crafted from punched tin giving just a little lighting through the carefully constructed accent piece.

Another great choice is the Friendship Accent Lights which comes in a set of two for a price of $39.95.  This selection sets a calming mood by mimicking the look of a real candlestick held in a votive like holder.  With this product, you can achieve the feel of having real candles without the worry of any unforeseen hazards.  These are especially a great selection now given that the holiday season is in full swing and the shorter, darker days are upon us.  These accent lights are sure to enhance your already beautiful Christmas decor and can easily serve as a night light or a light that helps you find your way when returning home to a dark house.

Table Lamps

I also believe that table lamps are a necessary accessory in any home and a great way to create soothing lighting.  This brings me to my next selection which is the Black Bear Lamp with Shade.  At a price of $169.95, this rustic lamp is perfect for either hunters or just those who enjoy the outdoors and nature.  This lamp can easily fit on any end table and increase the homey feeling of your own personal sanctuary where you can rest up in anticipation of the hectic days before you.

Finally, I also chose the Antler Lamp with Shade at a price of $217.95.  Many are choosing to decorate in the primitive style which usually includes rustic, nature centered decor.  This lamp is right in line with this growing trend with its emphasis on the beauty of animals, nature and the outdoors.  You don’t have to be a hunter to truly appreciate this unique piece of lighting.

The above are just suggestions but I want to note that you can easily switch out your accent lights depending on the season or the holiday.  You can easily make your home into a winter wonderland or a summer beach house by switching up your decor just a tiny bit.

If you are searching for a warm personal oasis or respite from the harsh world around you, is the place for you!  You too can make your home a soothing, serene place where you can relax without a care in the world and rest up for the upcoming day.  As always, have fun with this!  Express yourself and don’t be afraid to try something new and different.   Remember to check out our products regularly as we are always getting more inventory to better meet your personal style.

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