Using Distressed Furniture in Your Home

Using Distressed Furniture in Your Home

One of the biggest trends in decorating, especially in country home decorating, is distressed furniture. It’s no wonder why the trend has become so popular in recent years.

Distressed furniture brings character and comfort to rooms that could otherwise feel uncomfortable and unlived in. There is no question that you should incorporate the distressed trend into your home, but how? Here are some things to consider.

Choose a focus item for each room

Shopping for redecorating rooms can easily get out of hand. You can quickly find yourself wanting to buy a little bit of everything. In order to get that lived-in feel without the clutter, pick a focus item. Find the one thing you want the room to center around, and make sure every other purchase helps emphasize that key item. This keeps the look cohesive and the cost affordable.

Don’t distress everything

When a trend looks as good as distressed furniture does, it is easy to go overboard. Remember that when it comes to distressed items, less can be more. Pick a few pieces in the room that would benefit most from distressing. The important thing is that it feels natural. Things like cupboards, trunks, stools, and other wood items are good choices.

Carry the theme throughout the home

Possibly the most important thing for a truly cozy, country home is to make sure every room feels that warmth. You want every room in your house to feel intentional

and cohesive. There is something in each room that can be distressed. It doesn’t need to be large furniture. Wooden trays can be distressed for your toiletries in the bathroom. Distressed shelving can be used in any room. Get creative and have fun.

Anyone can use distressed furniture to master country d├ęcor in their home. If it’s something you are interested in but aren’t sure where to begin, please contact us.

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